TERRASKIN® the original rock paper
and other selected sustainable materials.

We are pioneers in sustainability and social responsibility.

As a conscious company, Design & Source began the journey with sustainability in the late 1990’s. We have invested in searching out and testing new materials and design options that do less harm to our environment. 
TerraSkin® is a paper made from stone, as sustainability innovators, we invested over a million US dollars into the development, testing and marketing of stone paper, branded under TerraSkin®.

TerraSkin® is a trademark property of Design & Source Productions Inc.

TerraSkin® is about preservation of resources, essentially water and trees and  where sustainability goes beyond the material per se. It is all about circular economy which led us to be one of the first to invest in the Cradle to Cradle Certification.
As a new material, special training and techniques are required to produce the best printing results. 
For products made of TerraSkin®, contact Design & Source, we have a team of expert printers and converters for high quality results.  

Make sure your business is creating a service experience so good that it demands loyalty.”_ Steve Maraboli.


We are proud to have high profile clients taking the risks to use a new material and as a result won multiple awards including the Gold Edison Award.

TerraSkin® is a combination of Mineral Powder (>80% Calcium Carbonate) and a small quantity of non-toxic resin (<20% PE) which acts as a binder to create an environmentally friendly, tree-less paper.

The harvesting of trees is unnecessary when producing TerraSkin®, thereby safeguarding the natural environment's beauty and biodiversity for all living beings.·  

TerraSkin® can be printed and used like paper, but it has many unique advantages:

The production of TerraSkin® requires NO WATER, so the papermaking process for TerraSkin® does not use this precious resource and produces no water pollutants.     

NO BLEACH is used in the production of TerraSkin·      

The production of TerraSkin® requires less energy consumption than the production of pulp paper·    
TerraSkin® is strong, water resistant and tear resistant.·
TerraSkin® as unique barrier properties to grease and moisture.

TerraSkin® is degradable.

For us education is key.  We want to educate ourselves, our customers, and also the end consumers.  We see the the proliferation of green products on the market which is exciting, but we also understand there is a lot of confusion out there on the terminology used.


We are founding members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and helped design the HOW2RECYCLE label.  




RPET (Post-Consumer Recycled Soda & Water Bottles)

PET Poly-Ethylene Terephthalate is the plastic used in most soda and water bottles and is highly collected for recycling.

Since the materials collected have already served their original intended use, the PET is called Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR).

Once the recycled bottles are color separated, they are cleaned, chipped and then processed into fibers which are spun into threads. The thread is used to make multiple textures and weaves that can mimic many standard materials such as mesh, nylon, canvas and non-woven.

The amount of recycled content depends on the textile you prefer, ranging from 25% minimum up to 100%.

By using PCR PET, you use less virgin plastic, you divert bottles from landfills and you support sustainable markets. At the end of its life, RPET can also be recycled with other fabrics.

DOUBLE G (Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Bags – LDPE)

The raw material is made of 100% post-consumer recycled grocery bags, each swatch individually unique, based on the color palette chosen. The grocery bags are collected from the streets of India. These bags become a litter liability during the rainy season by clogging the drainage system.

The collection of bags creates jobs for local home bound women, who previously were unable to hold a full time job while watching after their children.

All bags are cleaned in a non-toxic solution and separated by color. They then go through a unique process where they are stripped and pressed to create beautiful color patterns. No inks or dyes are added.

Each item is unique, though there is consistency per color palette.  Note: The interior lining of some items, hardware and trim is not made of the recycled material.

By working with this special material we are truly addressing the triple bottom line, people (providing new jobs), planet (cleaning up the streets) and profit (building a new market).


Bamboo is a fairly sustainable and rapidly renewable crop with very strong fibers.   Using bamboo in it’s natural state to substitute for trees which have a much slower re-growth is a win.  

However, beware of bamboo fabrics.  The manufacturing processes to make it into a soft fabric raises concerns.   The most common and affordable method is a viscose process requiring many chemicals which changes the bamboo’s composition so dramatically it can no longer be considered a natural fiber.  The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is cracking down on “green” claims and requires any fabric made from bamboo to be labeled “rayon from bamboo” instead of simply “bamboo”.   As innovation moves on, new processes may become available at affordable prices, until then, we suggest only using bamboo in a form close to its natural state instead of processed into fabric.

Transparency is critical to our business practices and we recognize there are pros and cons to every material and application.  We provide the assistance for you to consider the entire lifecycle, prioritize your values and provide accountability to your customer.

Good leaders delegate and empower others liberally, but they pay attention to details, every day.

_ Colin Powell

PCR PULPS (Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial Recyled Molded Paper Pulp)

Our molded paper pulp products can have your desired amount of Post Consumer Recycled Content, up to 100%.

Any texture or pattern can be achieved, as well as fine detail. Collected Post Consumer paper is delivered to the facility and it is pulped on site as part of the process of creating new products and packaging.

By closing the loop on our paper waste stream, we can create equally beneficial products for a second life.

Our founder Laura Tufariello is commited to Education and
has given conferences and presentations on sustainability to many large corporations in the USA. She also developed and taught a sustainable packaging course at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

We are Woman Owned- WBENC Certified, members of the Social Venture Network, and C-TPAT Certified.

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TERRASKIN® the original rock paper


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